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March 14, 2018

Transcript of Ambush Interview of Senate President Koko Pimentel III

On the withdrawal in the Rome Statute

SP Pimentel: Basta the power belongs to the President. We are back to the status where we're not a member. Ganun lang naman yun. That's why you need Senate concurrence because we're going to change rules. The treaty becomes part of the law of the land. Now that we're withdrawing, were back to the situation where the treaty terms are not part of the law of the land.

Q: Are we losing something from this?

SPKP: Siguro our solidarity with the other signatories putting a premium on an orderly criminal justice system in an international level. Yun lang mawawala sa atin. We will not feel that we belong doon sa countries which are desirous of an orderly administration of criminal justice at the international level. Yun ang kulang, wala kasing legal system at the international level.

Q: Sa concurrence ratification, may say ang Senate pero sa withdrawal, wala?

SPKP: Wala. That's why dito sa new treaties we are ratifying, meron kaming provisions na nilalagay that withdrawal will require 2/3. But itong Rome Statute ratification, back in.... kay Senator Enrile pa 'to na time, walang ganun. Actually, yung dinadagdag namin ngayon na provision that even withdrawal require Senate concurrence has not been tested before the Supreme Court. That is a constitutional requirement.

Q: Sir, pano yung process kung aalis tayo?

SPKP: Look at the treaty. The treaty will provide for the process of withdrawing. If I remember correctly, it's just simple notification from the state that it is withdrawing.

Q: Sir, tama na rin ba na ongoing yung investigation kahit na hindi na member?

SPKP: Sa pagkakaintindi ko ganun, member or not member. Bahala na sila. In effect, ang sinasabi ng Pilipinas ay we don't want to have anything to do with you. May abuse of discretion kayo eh. Nagrereklamo lang eh.

If I were president, baka ginawa ko rin yun. Imagine, sino ang nagrereklamo? Tapos ano yung mga alegasyon? Hindi ba to domestic policy? This is law enforcement. Sa mata ng presidente, nung nagkakampanya pa siya, the main problem is law and order. Anong root cause ng deterioration? Sa mata niya, drugs validated by the people. He won the elections. He will now enforce the law. May law and yet nakikialam sila. They're trying to micromanage the country. Sumosobra na. I see his point of view.

Q: With the withdrawal sir, the ICC cannot indict the President?

SPKP: No. Sa pagkakaalam ko, they can continue. Let us say a person who has an arrest warrant from the ICC is found in a state signatory or member of the ICC, duty bound sila to arrest that person. Ganun lang yan. Sa Pilipinas, kunwari out na tayo, meron silang gustong ipaaresto sa atin, hindi tayo magparticipate kasi out na tayo. Yun lang yun.

Kahit member din naman tayo, aarestuhin natin ang sarili nating presidente? Hindi naman natin gagawin yun. It has nothing to do with his case. Dito ito sa attitude ng kanilang prosecutor.

Q: Sir, anong mawawalang benefits satin?

SPKP: Wala. It's a solidarity with other nations which want to impose an orderly administration of criminal justice at the international level.

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