Press Release
March 13, 2018

Transcript of Interview of Senate Minority Leader Franklin M. Drilon

Q: On the dropping of charges vs Espinosa

SFMD: As a former secretary of justice, as a practical matter, controversial cases such as this cannot be decided alone by the prosecution panel. It's inevitable that they consult the Secretary of Justice and I cannot believe that the secretary has not been informed about this. Having said that, the President should review this, because the Office of the Prsident has supervision and control over all cabinet secretaries.

Q: The cabinet Sir?Hindi ba up for automatic review ito?

SFMD: Yes, there's an existing, if the circular is stilll valid, there is a memorandum ciruclar or an executie order for an automatic review.

Q: But this does not bar the President from reviewing it?

SFMD: The review first is through the Secretary and after the secretary, through the Office of the President.

Q: Yung sinabi n'yo kanina na you could not believe...

SFMD: Na hindi niya alam? From a practice, talagang itong mga controversial cases siguro naman he should closely monitor what is happening.

Q: Sir, di ba Espinosa admitted...

SFMD: Incredible. Espinosa admitted his involvement.

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