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March 12, 2018

Win transcript ambush interview on Barangay elections and UN Remark

Q: Extension of Barangay elections?

WIN: Ilan na ba ang na kasuhan? Extending it to October will not achieve anything dahil binigyan na ng two years to file cases eh. So to extend it for another 4 to 5 months will not do anything. If two years walang nagawa, I don't think anything will happen in 4 to 5 months. So matagal na rin nag pre-prepare yung mga kandidato sa Barangay. In fact, every time umuuwi ako marami na talagang preparation ang mga barangay officials natin. At the same, Comelec already stated na gumastos na sila sa preparations. So postponing it again, will be a waste of money. I think what's important here is to continue with the elections. Make the constituents vote for the worthy Kapitan and make the constituents decide who is worthy of their vote.

Q: Voters will not vote for those who are involved in drugs. So that would be a better option than trying to prosecute them, vote them out of office?

WIN: DILG was given two years to file cases and remove Kapitans. Ang daming mechanisms to remove these errings. Merong Ombudsman, Office of the President, merong local government, they all the mechanisms to remove. However, we cannot keep on delaying the process of the Barangay elections. Mukha kasing hindi natin ginagawa ang trabaho natin lumalabas ngayon na di nagagawa ng DILG yung kanilang pinangako na kakasuhan nila yung mga dapat makasuhan. Ang barangay maliit lang yan, silan ang nakakaalam kung sino ang mga Kaptian na involved sa drugs. So I think just let the election process weed out the erring and the barangay captains who are part of the illegal drug trade.


WIN: Parang ininsulto lumalabas sakin, parang ininsulto mo yung 16 million na bumoto, para sakin ah.

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