Press Release
March 12, 2018

Dispatch from Crame No. 261:
Sen. Leila M. de Lima's statement on Cayetano's hard sell of his Boss to the world


DFA Secretary and Philippine National Death Squad International Spokesperson Alan Peter Cayetano says that the world needs more leaders like Duterte, a death squad leader.

Cayetano is enraptured in his own outrageous make-believe world where the stench of dead bodies piling up become proof that the Philippines is as peaceful and orderly as Singapore. Selling this fantasy world where Duterte is a hero and where the Philippines is as safe as Singapore has made Cayetano the laughing stock of the international diplomatic community.

What we now have as an envoy to the world is a swooning teenager telling the UN to fall in love with his beloved idol. Cayetano has become a victim of his own delusions of a world adulating Duterte. He has finally fallen into the trap of believing his own propaganda.

Living in his self-made rosy bubble of a Philippines that is like Singapore, Cayetano is clueless that Duterte is already regarded as among history's most famous butchers and tyrants. Rather than another Lee Kuan Yew, the world sees his boss more as another Idi Amin. No amount of self-delusion can help Cayetano convince the world to fall in love with another Idi Amin.

All of these merely indicate how far Philippine diplomacy and world leadership has regressed under Duterte and Cayetano. Inside ASEAN itself, the Philippines is already regarded as just another vassal-state of China, in contrast to its previous reputation as one of Asia's most independent and democratic nations.

In the UN, EU, and the rest of the world, the Philippines is now known for a government that unleashed death squads against its own people. This is what happens when a political sycophant, instead of an experienced and accomplished diplomat, assumes the position of DFA Secretary.

I agree with one notable blogger. All 3 of them--Duterte, Cayetano and Roque--would need psychiatric evaluation. Bago pa man sila lalong magkalat...They're such an embarrassment!

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