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March 7, 2018

Win transcript ambush interview On Energy and Power Issues in the BBL

SEN WIN: That is very unique ah, the Bangsamoro power situation. In fact, naghe-hearing na kami and we contributed a lot in the policy and regulatory framework of the Bangsamoro area in so far as the power sector is concerned. That is interesting - yung oil and gas, power, and regulation. Iba talaga ang set-up dun.

Q: May separate bill ba?

SEN WIN: Wala siyang separate bill but we expanded the power sector in the BBL. Kasi noong una, a few provisions lang. Pinalaki namin dahil hindi very clear. It is very interesting because it will be the first time that we will have two separate policy and regulatory frameworks in one country. So, interesting siya on how this will come into play. Marami na rin kasing questions sa mga operators in Mindanao eh.

Q: Will this be under the Committee on Energy?

SEN WIN: Hybrid siya eh. Magkakaroon sila ng sariling Ministry on Energy, and it will handle everything related to power, and oil and gas. It will have, like a "mini-DOE".

Q: Pero hindi siya under ng DOE?

SEN WIN: Hindi siya under ng DOE. Wala siyang responsibility with DOE.

Q: Separate DOE?

SEN WIN: Separate na DOE siya. May coordination but that's about it. Not even supervision eh. Talagang separate entity siya eh.

Q: Na sinong maghahawak, if ever?

SEN WIN: Yan ang wala pa. It's a parliamentary form of government so it will be among the parliamentarians ang maghahandle. Interesting yan dahil andun yung mga potentials - Liguasan Marsh, yung Sulu Sea may mga concessions there, Agus-Polangi. Agus and Polangi ay 10 mins lang from Lanao lake so kasama yun. It is such a very interesting set-up.

Q: What does this mean sa privatization plans of the Agus-Polangi? Anong implications?

SEN WIN: In the bill naman they gave recognition to the future privatization of Agus-Polangi, the Agus Plant, in particular, kasi yun ang ka-sakop nila. But they will be given preferential rights to purchase the plant.

Q: For 1, 2 and 3?

SEN WIN: For Agus 1, 2 and 4.

Q: Ito yung existing?

SEN WIN: Existing ito. So, may preferential rights sila to participate in the bidding process.

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