Press Release
March 5, 2018


Mr. President, today we take a giant step towards securing the country's future. With the passage of the Health Nanay and Bulilit Bill on 3rd reading, we have made a significant action in combatting malnutrition in the first one thousand days of life of Filipinos. This is the time when there is rapid development in the brain and the immune system and it has been said that any deficiencies suffered by the child at this time leads to lifelong irreversible consequences.

Undernutrition during the first 1000 days is critical to the future health, wellbeing, and success of a child. It affects the child's ability to grow, learn and become productive adults. Poor nutrition harms our children, our mothers, our nation. It can impede economic growth and it can extend the cycle of poverty. I am so glad that we have taken this bold and long overdue step to secure our future.

I would like to thank the Chair of the Committee of Health and Demography, Chair JV for graciously allowing us to sponsor this important measure. I would like to acknowledge our co-authors namely Sen. Angara, Sen. Ejercito, Sen. Poe, Sen. Recto who gave excellent inputs during the amendments, and Sen. Villar. I would also like to recognize the advocates, in both the government and the private sector, whose work to ensure the health of our mothers and children have made all of these possible.

Let us ensure that we have Healthy Nanays to give birth to Healthy Bulilits who will grow up to become Healthy Pinoys for healthier and a more progressive nation.

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