Press Release
February 21, 2018

Zubiri decries abuse suffered by Overseas Filipinos Workers

The death of Josie Perez Lloren is one in a long string of deaths of our kababayans who took the long hard road to greener pastures. Physical and mental distress in a foreign land has become common stuff of our OFWs plight. Josie, a mother of three, had it in her to be courageous and bold to take on life as a domestic helper in a land where social values are vastly different from ours. She was far from her family and friends who could have given her support. I am horrified with the thought of what she had to go through in the hands of her abusive employers!

I fully support the President's deployment ban on Kuwait until they realize that our OFW in their country are not slaves and animals that they can detain, torture and abuse at any time. If Kuwait puts a premium on our friendship and our workers then they should immediately pass a law or decree that will protect our workers from abuse. If not then they should just build their buildings and manage their homes themselves.

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