Press Release
February 16, 2018

Statement of Senator Trillanes on Ombudsman's decision in closing the investigation of President Duterte's bank accounts:

Based on the statement of the Ombudsman, the only reason why the investigation against Duterte was closed, without prejudice to reopening in the future, is the refusal of AMLC to submit vital data, specifically, the detailed bank transactions of Duterte. Let us remember that the Exec. Director of AMLC was appointed by Duterte and has since been proactively protecting his political master. Now, in the interest of transparency and accountability, I am calling on the Senate Committee on Banks to conduct an inquiry so we could summon the AMLC and question the legality of its refusal to comply with the Ombudsman's request. Ultimately, the truth about this very important issue is stored in the data storage of AMLC and BPI.

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