Press Release
January 25, 2018


The Mamasapano tragedy was a teachable moment in our history, and 44 brave men and seven civilians gave up their lives to impart important lessons--some we have forgotten, many we have ignored.

We have vowed on their graves that justice will be swift, and yet it is slow. Not one of those who have put our boys in harm's way has been punished.

While charges have been filed against people who are believed to be responsible for the debacle, nothing much has happened.

There is now the belief that justice, like the reinforcements promised on that fateful day, will never come.

Even the full honors, for those who have given their full measure of devotion to duty, and help, to the loved ones they have left behind, are not only lacking but come in increments.

On the overall scheme of things, the same social and political conditions which triggered Mamasapano are still there. Peace based on justice has yet to be won.

Let us all pursue this unfinished business because the best reparations we can offer is to create a peaceful and progressive society that guarantees that Mamasapano will not happen again.

At a time when terror has been left unabated, conflicts are resolved by force, and might is used to enforce law, all the more that the lessons of Mamasapano must not be forgotten.

That we should not send our soldiers in harm's way lacking the resources they need, with guidance vague, and orders unclear.

That we should not allow civilians, and foreigners, to play generals, who draft battle plans with persons outside the chain of command.

That we should provide care for our wounded, by ensuring that they have the best and prompt care, so if ever we will have casualties, it is caused by the enemy, not by our own neglect.

The lessons of Mamasapano, including the need for justice, should not be buried with the dead. Ito ay mga buhay na aral na dapat hindi malimot, tulad ng sakripisyo ng ating mga bayani, na dapat manatili sa ating puso.

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