Press Release
January 18, 2018


Before we amend our Constitution, we need to determine what it is we want to achieve. Federalism is not a "magic pill" to address all of our country's problems. If we wanted to strengthen local autonomy, some issues are better addressed through amending the Local Government Code. We need stronger institutions not strongmen. We should enact the Freedom of Information and Anti-Dynasty bills in order to ensure meaningful participation of people in government, with or without Federalism.

Second, a review of the economic provisions of the Constitution is needed as we must encourage more investments to achieve economic growth. But this can also be done in the meantime by amending the Public Services Act.

Finally, I co-authored Senator Lacson's resolution that the Senate should vote separately if Congress will convene as a Constituent Assembly. This will not only ensure that the Senate is not swamped by the 200+ members of the House of Representatives but also to ensure that proposed amendments are debated on and vetted rationally.

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