Press Release
January 15, 2018


Today, one of the most prominent voices for truth-telling and journalistic integrity -- the news portal Rappler -- has been stripped of its SEC registration, effectively revoking their license to operate in the country.

This, and other recent developments, have only made it more evident how important it is for people to have a way to come together. In a time of fear, of relentless attacks on our institutions, the abuse of power, and the feeling of helplessness that this breeds -- we seek solidarity.

We've realized this over the past few months, as the Liberal Party embraced inclusiveness as an imperative -- opening up recruitment to students, the academe, and other basic sectors, beyond the usual membership from the political sector.

We remain committed to this effort. Our recruitment portal is now online at; if you wish to stand with us; if you think that defending our freedoms requires a real, organized, strategic effort, one that values every individual's contribution, then we invite you to join us.

Our party leaders are likewise determined to speak out; over the next few days, you will hear more from us, and we ask that you spread the message: We stand with Rappler and all other truth-tellers. We stand for freedom -- the very essence of liberalism. We offer a platform where we can come together and determine what we can do to rise to the challenges to our freedoms and our constitutional democracy. We are here.

#holdtheline #defendpressfreedom #standwithrappler

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