Press Release
January 15, 2018


The health of the people is paramount which is why the Blue Ribbon Committee wants to take the following measures to ensure the health and safety of all the people administered with Dengvaxia.

First, the Committee wants the Departments of Health (DOH), of Education (DepEd), and of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) to work together and submit the list of ALL the names of the people injected with Dengvaxia and classify them whether they are seropositive or seronegative, including their age. This will help the government to easily monitor them once they develop symptoms of dengue or adverse reactions from the vaccine.

Second, over and above what Sanofi promised, if they are in good faith, Sanofi must establish and put up a Compensation and Monitoring Fund to monitor and support the treatment and hospitalization of the individuals affected. And, in case of death, to provide full support to the families.

This proposal is similar to what Sanofi did in 2016, when a class suit was filed against the company due to its medicinal products (Dépakine, Micropakine, Dépakote, Dépamide and generics) that may have created birth malformations and developmental disorders which led the French public authorities to create a Compensation Fund to answer for the damage/s caused.

Third, the ongoing apparent discussions between Sanofi and DOH must be made transparent. Sanofi must also meet with various health experts.

The Blue Ribbon Committee will be having its fourth hearing on Monday, January 22, to tackle the issues on the undue haste of procuring the vaccines and the accountability of the Office of the President, the DOH, the Food and Drug Administration, the Department of Budget and Management, and other agencies that may be involved. While charges in courts may already have been filed by certain groups; the duty of Congress to propose recommendations in aid of legislation, particularly on the undue haste of procuring the vaccines, remains to be in place. It is Congress' duty to make people aware of these issues.

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