Press Release
January 15, 2018

Transcript of Interview with Senate Minority Leader Franklin M. Drilon

Q: On the President's preference for unicameral congress

Drilon: We respect the President's view being the political leader of our country. But having said that, huwag po nating kalimutan that the constitutional amendment is basically a function and prerogative of Congress. Sa ating constitution, constitutional amendments are proposed either by Congress as a constituent assembly or by a constitutional convention. The proposal goes directly to the people for ratification. Hindi po dumadaan sa Malakanyang. Having said that, certainly the view of the political leader of this country has a lot of weight insofar as Congress is concerned, especially that there is a supermajority in Congress, but this is a bicameral congress and we would like to think that the Senate has always been proud of its independence as a tradition.

Q: Magiging acceptable ba sa public yung abolition considering na tumaas pa sa latest survey yung approval ng senado?

Drilon: To me, regardless of the surveys, ang sa akin, ang check and balance between the senate and the house, there should be a check and balance within Congress.

Q: Ano ang danger kung magiging unicameral congress?

Drilon: Kung magiging unicameral congress, whatever the House of Representative wants, the House of Representative gets.

Q: Tama ba na sa PDP Laban draft, wala na ang OVP?

Drilon: That is their proposal. I don't agree with that. We do not agree with that. The Vice President is an important part of our system of governance and the constitutional succession to the President.

Q: Do you support the resolution of Sen. Lacson?

Drilon: Any system that would provide for separate voting, we will support.

Q: And separate session?'

Drilon: Separate voting. Separate session, there is nothing in the Constitution that requires us to physically assemble as one. We read the Constitution and to me, it's a bicameral constituent assembly.

Q: Do you think it confirms your theory (regarding the House's criticisms against Senate)?

Drilon: Yes, it only confirms my suspicions that the bashing of the Senate is part of the plan to demean the value of the Senate in order that it would be easier to abolish the senate, which is the result of the unicameral legislature. That just confirms what I said.

Q: Lalabanan n'yo ito sa Senado?

Drilon: It's not a question of lalaban. We believe in the principle of check and balance and the Senate and the House of Representatives would exercise their respective functions as part of the check and balance system in the legislature.

Q: Yung SEC po na-order to revoke the license of Rappler.

Drilon: That's worrisome but let me read the resolution first.

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