Press Release
January 5, 2018

Statement of Senator Richard J. Gordon on the Requests of Captain Nicanor Faeldon

Capt Faeldon in one letter dated this year wrote to the Chairman seeking permission to: hear mass; and have a check up with his cardiologist supposedly in preparation for his attendance in the Black Nazarene's traslacion. Further he sought permission to travel to the DND Headquarters in Quezon City purportedly to meet with Secretary Delfin Lorenzana regarding his recent appointment as Assistant Secretary. He even requested permission to leave without being accompanied by the members of the Office of the Sergeant at Arms (OSAA).

That request was not granted because: one, his release without the company of the OSAA would have meant that he was being released from custody, without his having cleansed himself of his contumacious conduct, the very reason why he is detained. The Chair also told him that he was concerned for his safety and that attendance in the traslacion would have exposed him to danger and that the OSAA would not be able to guarantee his safety what with the hundreds of thousands of, maybe even a million, people attending the Black Nazarene event.

The Chair finally suggested that if what he needed was to attend mass, that desire could be met in the Senate which has masses celebrated at 12 noon from Monday to Thursday.

After that letter was received, the Committee was in receipt of another letter from his lawyer seeking permission to go to the DND Headquarters in order for him to take his oath before Secretary Lorenzana.

Consistent with the previous denial of his request, we informed him that the safety concerns still remained, what with the previous threats that were made against him. The Chair further suggested that he take his oath in the premises of the Senate where we could be assured of his safety.

Capt Faeldon had previously made requests of the Chair, i.e., celebrate with relatives his father's birthday, and another family event, inter alia. The Chair accommodated his requests for humanitarian considerations and because his security was ensured by the family events being held within the Senate premises.

An important reason why his request for a furlough could not be granted is also because Capt Faeldon is held for contempt of the Committee and thus of the Senate. The citation for contempt was, and still is, a collegial act which the Chair, on his own, cannot reverse.

Lastly, Capt Faeldon has been appointed to a position in the Executive Department. If he is allowed to go out and take his oath, nothing can prevent him from hiding behind his appointment and then saying, you cannot detain me anymore as I am now Assistant Secretary.

Prudence, in this situation, dictates that such possible constitutional crisis between the Legislative and Executive be prevented before it becomes probable.

It is also preposterous for there to be any claim that Captain Faeldon would be deprived of water, power and visitation rights. This is beneath the dignity of the Committee and the Chair.

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