Press Release
January 2, 2018

Villar pushes for mushroom production

Being a good income potential and a viable agri-business, Sen. Cynthia Villar encourages farmers to join training and learning activities at the Villar SIPAG Farm School to boost their knowledge on agricultural technology and financial literacy.

Speaking during the graduation of trainees on Mushroom Production & Vegetable Farming in partnership with Myrna's Miraculous Mushroom, Villar stressed that mushroom production would also spur farming growth.

"That is why many mushroom producers and farms have been featured in newspapers and TV programs because the process is simple, the period of cultivation is brief and it really provides livelihood," said Villar.

Aside from being nutritious, mushroom also has medicinal properties.

She said many communities have already discovered the income potential of mushroom production.

"And I hope you can bring your knowledge to your communities in the different places in the CaLaBarZon areas and here at the National Capital Region (NCR)," said Villar.

Villar SIPAG has always been a staunch advocate of livelihood training programs especially those that promote food security and food sustainability.

Villar, chair of the Senate agriculture committee, said the training modules they have chosen to teach at the Villar Farm School involve crops that would benefit families and would be a source of income.

Trainors taught mushroom farmers on how to culture the tissue of mushrooms, spawn preparation, taking care of growing mushrooms, creating mushroom by-products and preparation of the mushroom farm house.

On the otherhand, DTI discussed marketing strategies, business set-up and product labeling and packaging.

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