Press Release
December 13, 2017


Q: Further question for the declaration of Martial Law is it going to affect the economy particularly in Mindanao? will it affect businesses, what do you think of this Sir?

SEN WIN: Actually, yesterday, we had an extensive briefing, not only from the security Cluster but also from the NEDA and the CHR to get a full view of Martial Law. NEDA disclosed to us that there is no effect during pre-martial law and during the martial law period, meaning business as usual, employment stay the same, investment stay the same, and in fact during the martial law, we got an upgrade from Fitch rating from 'BBB-' to 'BBB' which is an investment rate in the stable political outlook. So meaning the local businesses have managed to decouple martial law to the business environment and also the future business environment of the country. This is actually very relevant exposure of NEDA because this is the first time that we talked about the economy in Mindanao and also the vision as a whole. So in short, Martial Law did not affect the Philippine economy as a whole.

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