Press Release
October 11, 2017

Transcript of Interview with Senate Minority Leader Franklin M. Drilon

Drilon: Obviously there is obstruction of justice dahila sa P50 million ay binawasan ng P1,000 para hindi pumasok sa plunder. I call for an investigation because this is obstruction of justice para whoever is responsible should be punished. I condemn in the strongest possible term this mockery of justice that are seeing. Pwede ba yun na kunwari ay kinuhanan pa ng video yung pagbibilang ng pera para ma-prove na kulang ng P1,000 bago pumasok sa kasong plunder.

Q: Sino po yung mag-imbestiga?

Drilon: It's up to the president because the DOJ is involved here. There are people from the DOJ who are accused, so I don't think the DOJ is the proper agency to investigate this. I call on the Office of the President to constitute an independent probe or the Ombudsman to conduct an independent probe as to this very obvious amateur way of obstructing justice.

Q: Tingin n'yo may knowledge si Aguirre?

Drilon: I don't want to presume that. I was just comment on the facts that are presented to us.

Q: Did you sign the committee report of the Blue Ribbon committee?

Drilon: I haven't signed it because I haven't seen it yet. Draft pa lang yata iyon.

Q: On the resignation of Comelec Chair Bautista

Drilon: I think that was the right move. Anyway he is no longer facing an impeachment complaint and therefore, it cannot be said that he is avoiding impeachment. It is the best thing that he can do so that after he quits office, he can take care of his problems. No one can say that he's using the power of his office to influence the outcome of the case.


For info/perusal, additional quotes from SFMD's interpellation of the budget of the DOJ

Drilon:This is a deliberate attempt to escape plunder charges because plunder is not bailable.

Drilon: We have this rule in evidence that the evidence must be consistent with the ordinary human experience. Nakakapagtaka na naging P49,999,000, incidentally P50M is the threshold for plunder. May nawala na P1,000. Ang nakakalungkot ay hindi na plunder ang na-file dito dahil nawala ang P1,000.

Drilon: Kapag humingi po kayo ng bribe, pwede n'yo bang sabihin na P49,999,000 lang. This is totally inconsistent with human experience. I do hope that the Ombudsman would see through this. I hope the Ombudsman would come up with the solution.

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