Press Release
October 9, 2017


With the different threats and dangers the world currently faces, Senator Richard J. Gordon has underscored the importance of communications and cooperation between nations.

As the guest speaker at the first inaugural ceremony of the Shishi High School last Friday, Gordon said nations must learn to communicate and work together for the upliftment of human dignity for the benefit of mankind.

"We live in a very dangerous world today. Our nations - China and the Philippines, two great countries, must speak to one another. Understanding between our people must be reinforced. We must learn to speak to one another. When we can speak to one another, we can open our hearts to one another and we can work together for the benefit of mankind and for the upliftment of human dignity," he said.

Gordon cited as example his communication with the Chinese ambassador to the Philippines which led to significant progress in the investigation that the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee, which he chairs, is conducting in connection with the P6.4-billion shabu smuggled through the Bureau of Customs.

"...members of the international drug ring were caught because of the good cooperation between the Chinese people, the Filipino people and our leaders in government," he noted.

The senator also commended the Chinese institution's alumni association for giving importance to the values inculcated by their school and by their traditions.

"I would like to congratulate you for having your first alumni homecoming here in the Philippines. You are proud Shi Shi students who come here today to connect with friends from yesteryears," Gordon said.

"Traditions are important, especially when a country is in peril, especially when there is misunderstanding throughout the world. A man who has seen a long past is always capable of seeing a long future," he added.

Gordon said the Chinese people set a good example for good work ethic, a trait worth emulating. "You are good models na kung ang isang tao ay may work ethic at talagang magsisipag ay gaganda ang buhay niya," he said.

The senator also noted that the officials of the school must be proud that their graduates, who are now staying in the Philippines, are successful, that they care about their past and that they have set a new direction, a better future here.

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