Press Release
September 4, 2017

Statement of Sen. Joel Villanueva on the killing of teen ex-UP student Carl Arnaiz

Recently, our nation went in mourning for the death of Kian Delos Santos in the hands of our police. And yet again, we have witnessed another injustice as a young life was once again claimed by our policemen.

We are one in mourning for the life of Carl Arnaiz, a young one who could have had a bright future ahead of him.

We are calling out the authorities to stop putting the law in the triggers of their guns and in their hands. We must always remember that the law is created for the people and not against them. It must always be put to mind that the Philippine National Police is created to serve and protect the people. The recent injustices that happened clearly calls for a reevaluation of the sworn duty of the supposed protectors of our country.

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