Press Release
June 19, 2017

Sen. De Lima remembers her father
Dispatch from Crame No. 99

6 / 18 / 17
9:05 p.m.

It was one of the very rare moments that people saw me crying unabashedly. I became very emotional when I talked about my late father as I delivered my usual reflections during today's Mass as concelebrated by three (3) priests.

Sunday masses here in my detention quarters have always been special, made more special today as we celebrate Father's Day.

Last night, in the solitude of my little room, deep sorrow engulfed me as I realize how much I miss my dear daddy, my longtime mentor and role model, whose examples and admonitions greatly shaped my character. My tears were uncontrollable until my eyes closed for the night.

I started crying again this morning right after the first sentence of my reflections/sharing, Homily time. My thoughts dwell on what my father would have done or be doing if he were still alive when this tragedy in my life struck.

Sure, he would have been devastated. But no doubt, my father would have been relentless and passionate in defending his innocent daughter. As far as his physical energy would permit (he was afflicted with colon cancer when he died in 2012), my father would be tireless and ferocious in seeking justice for his daughter, and fighting for her freedom.

Now that he's gone, I imagine that he's feverishly pounding on the Lord Almighty's merciful heart for his daughter's vindication.

Happy Father's Day, my dear daddy!

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