Press Release
March 18, 2017

Sen. Leila M. de Lima's Handwritten Notes
Dispatch 28 & 29 - 3/18/17

Going over the transcripts of statements during the European Parliament Plenary Session relative to my case has tremendously lifted my spirits.

There are learned men and women from various parts of the continent believing in my innocence and championing the causes of truth and justice for the 7,000 plus Filipinos who are victims thus far of the State-sanctioned/State-inspired EJKs.

Lies and deceptions dont work with and are rejected by enlightened minds.

Thank you Europe! Thank you World!


The Speaker's Impeach threat vs. VP Leni is more than stupid. It's insane! It's called arrogance of power.

Everyone enjoys freedom of thought, conscience and expression. VP Leni herself has recently reminded that criticisms and dissent are an essential component of democracy.

Those who cannot understand that those who stifle basic freedoms, those who promote and condone the non-stop EJKs, and those who propagate lies and fake news, fabricate evidence and coerce or induce false testimonies are the real traitors, betrayers of public trust.

Leila de Lima

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