Press Release
November 27, 2016


Senator Antonio "Sonny" F. Trillanes IV pushes for the bill, Senate Bill No. 474, which would give tax credit to doctors rendering pro bono services to poor patients in the country.

According to Trillanes: "Doctors are among the main drivers of a country's healthcare system. Sadly, in our case, our country continues to suffer from poor healthcare condition, as many do not have access to quality healthcare services, and many healthcare workers, including doctors, opt to serve in areas and institutions where there are better opportunities, due to their economic needs."

According to the data of the Department of Health, doctors are unevenly distributed in the country, with their concentration in urban areas and key cities. Further, according to the Philippines Health System Review by the Asia Pacific Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, "attracting and retaining" health workers in under-served areas, such as those in rural and poor areas, remain to be a key challenge in the field, despite the country being a major exporter of healthcare workers. "We hope to encourage our doctors to provide free healthcare services to our indigent kababayans by providing them tax credit to lessen the financial burden brought about by their tax obligations," Trillanes added.

Under SBN 474, physicians rendering pro bono services to poor patients shall be entitled to tax credit to be deducted from their gross income. The Department of Health and the Philippine Medical Association shall evaluate the pro bono services rendered by the physicians, considering the number of hours and the nature of treatment involved.

The Bureau of Internal Revenue in consultation with the Department of Health and the Philippine Medical Association shall promulgate the rules and regulations for the effective enforcement of the provisions of this measure.

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