Press Release
November 23, 2016

Sen. Leila M. de Lima's brief manifestation on Kerwin Espinosa's testimony
During the Senate probe on the killing of Albuera Mayor Rolando Espinosa

I actually have no intention to confront this resource person. I have no intention to ask questions from him, even if I want to because I think it would be a cross-examiner's dream. But I feel that it would be pointless, useless, futile for me to do so given a very nice script, at least insofar as the portions of his testimony about me are concerned.

But let me say to my colleagues here, and everyone in this hall, and to everyone listening and watching these proceedings. I say this to you: I categorically, firmly, and absolutely deny having known Mr. Kerwin Espinosa. I do not remember any instance or occasion of having met him. I categorically, firmly, and absolutely deny having received any money, any cash from Mr. Kerwin Espinosa, either directly or indirectly through anyone else, in any occasion at any time, whether that money is supposedly for either protection or fund-raising for campaign expenses.

Alam po yan ni Mr. Kerwin Espinosa na sa punto nung kanyang testimonya ngayon about me having received money, having talked to him, having met him anywhere, whether it's Burnham, anywhere, ay total fabrication. To me, that portion of his testimony is under gunpoint, under duress. So it's pointless for me to question him on those points.

And I also feel that it would not be appropriate for me to do so because there would be questions on my objectivity, on my interest because I'm being implicated expressedly as having received that money. Kaya hindi po ako magtatanong sa kanya. I would want to give my colleagues free hand, full liberty in questioning Mr. Kerwin Espinosa about any part of his testimony.

Final message ko po kay Mr. Kerwin Esponsa. I cannot talk to him directly, but may I just say this: May God forgive you for all your sins, and may God forgive you for all your lies about me. And I forgive you. Maraming salamat po.

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