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November 18, 2016

'Malayo at malabo,' Recto says of 'ICCexit'

President Duterte's threat to pull out from the International Criminal Court (ICC) "is just one of his trademark 'thinking out loud' moments which spice up his public speeches."

This is Senate Minority Leader Ralph Recto's take on the Duterte's statement that the Philippines may join Russia in formally withdrawing from the ICC.

"We should know the drill by know. When he says something, it is not automatically a state policy," Recto said.

"Besides, and this is important, the President said 'may' and not 'shall.' So the countdown does not begin. Malayo at malabo pa ang ICCexit," he said.

"Floating trial balloons is a favorite hobby of his. He wants to rock the boat. And when he does that, it leads us to thinking. It provokes discussion. It starts a national conversation. Some would try to shoot down the balloons, other would want them to soar," Recto said.

"That's the style of the President. So by now, some of his statements should no longer shock us. Many of his statements should be taken with sacks of salt," he added.

Recto said "the process of disengaging from an international commitment or disaffiliating from world bodies cannot be triggered by an off-the-cuff statement from the President."

"It should be the product of a study, debated in policy circles, even shared with our allies, so that we will be able to cover all angles, and be apprised of all ramifications. We do not want to be blindsided," he said.

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