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November 13, 2016

Trillanes bats end of contractualization in gov't

In a bid to end contractualization in the government, Senator Antonio "Sonny" F. Trillanes IV has sponsored Senate Bill No. 1184, or the bill seeking to provide security of tenure to all qualified casual and contractual government employees.

According to Trillanes, chairman of the Senate committee on Civil Service, Government Reorganization, and Professional Regulation: "Our government has created casual and contractual positions and is continuously appointing the same contractual and casual employees year after year. This simply proves that said positions are clearly necessary and desirable to the orderly and efficient operation of concerned agencies."

"The passage of this bill will serve as an instrument in making good of President Duterte's promise and policy pronouncements in ending the contractualization in the government. We cannot expect private companies to follow this initiative when our very own public institutions have hundreds of thousands of casual and contractual workers"

Under SBN 1184, security of tenure shall be granted to all incumbent casual and contractual government employees who have rendered at least 5 years of continuous service in the case of national government agencies or a total of 10 years of continuous service in the case of local government units.

This measure has adopted a concept that would give the positions of the qualified employees a "co-terminus with the incumbent" or CTI status. This would grant the concerned employees security of tenure, in which they may not be separated or terminated from the said positions except for just or lawful cause and with due process of law, nor can their positions be abolished except when the same are vacated by their incumbents.

"Instead of implementing a rationalization plan which would remove a number of employees in the government, we must instead pass this measure to ensure their security of tenure. At the end of the day, these employees are not just numbers. They are people who have families to support and who have rendered years of dedicated and efficient service to the country and our people," Trillanes further added.

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