Press Release
October 28, 2016

Statement of Sen. Leila de Lima on the disbarment case filed at the Supreme Court

This is all part of a circus. And just like in all circuses, clowns are part of the amusement.

For the part of Dante Jimenez, I could only shrug my shoulders in utter dismay at how he brings down with him the integrity and credibility of the anti-crime group he heads. Mr. Jimenez is a creepy clown with a horrible dark mask, obsessed at being in the headlines instead of finding out the truth and justice for the thousands of victims of unresolved drug-related killings in our country.

As for the rest of the shady characters like Cam, Lasala, and Esmeralda, the latter two having been removed from the NBI during my incumbency as SOJ for questionable practices, they are all just being used by the master puppeteer and vice versa. They are also using Duterte's obssession with my destruction to enable themselves, by currying favor with the President, and in doing so attempt to stay relevant despite the banality of their role in all of this circus. The role of the three can be more accurately compared to the circus act of performing monkeys.

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