Press Release
October 20, 2016


Sen. Grace Poe today condemned the violent dispersal and ruthless plowing of protesters outside the U.S. Embassy on Wednesday.

Poe filed Senate Resolution No. 210 with the end goal of formulating measures to ensure compliance with the rules of engagement of the Philippine National Police (PNP), deter the use of excessive force during public assemblies and ensure accountability.

"Though it could be argued that the protesters might have crossed the line at some point during the violent dispersal, it is clear that the act of repeatedly ramming over numerous protesters with a police van without due regard to their presence and safety is an act worthy of utmost condemnation and should be labeled barbaric and illegal," Poe said in filing the resolution.

News reports indicate that nine members of the Manila Police District who led the violent dispersal of demonstrators have been relieved to pave the way for an impartial investigation by the PNP.

Poe said the government should exercise maximum tolerance in dealing with such public demonstrations. "We should be reminded that government was established to protect the people, thus, its power should not be unleashed against defenseless citizens," the senator said in her resolution.

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