Press Release
October 13, 2016


I think the historical context provided by Senator Drilon is very interesting. Given that, what we need to do here is to balance the ability of employers to achieve efficiency in operation but at the same time also protect the welfare of workers.

What we want is, of course, increase productivity and promote economic growth. But the same time, we want to prevent unjust practices against workers in a manner that is supported and promoted globally.

Rest assured that this committee will try to achieve the balance between efficiency of operators and protecting and promoting the equity of workers.

Right now, I am seeing that this can be done.

The security sector was able to regularize their security guards, provide benefits, and at the same time efficiently operate.

There are some key features here:

1.)Contractualization can be limited to specialized sectors.

2.)We have to ensure that contractors have the sufficient capital to provide for the salaries and benefits of workers, and at time same time invest in equipment necessary to provide the services they offer.

3.)Increase or improve efficiency in evaluating employees and resolving labor issues, including transparent separation terms and affront payment of termination fees.

4.)Following the model of the security sector: regularize workers, pay regular salaries and benefits, and ensure their right to organize.

5.)Simplifiy employee classification to two: "regular" and "probationary"

6.)We should have appropriate penalties to discourage bad practices of contractualization.

I would like to instruct the committee secretary to convene a technical working group (TWG) so we can consolidate the bills with these key provisions with the goal of producing a committee report before the end of the year.

Again, I would like to thank everyone for attending this hearing and providing your inputs.

We hope for your continuous support and participation in the TWG. Let us work together in achieving a balance in making sure that our industries are profitable and competitive, and at the same time ensure that our workers also benefit from our profitability and economic growth.??

Marami pong salamat at magandang tanghali. God bless us all.

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