Press Release
October 10, 2016

Transcript of Ambush Interview

On the French paper branding President Duterte as a serial killer

Q: Sabi ng French paper na serial killer daw si President tapos si Agot Isidro psychopath si Presidente...

SP Pimentel: Agot Isidro lives under a democracy. She has freedom of speech. We allow her characterization of the President. Karapatan po niya 'yon. 'Yung sa French newspaper, I think that's unfair because did they conduct any in-depth investigative work before they came up with their conclusion. Sana ganoon ang gawin ng media sa ibang bansa. They should follow the Philippine media, before we make unfair headlines we have investigated.

Q: Pero the President is still getting bad press sa foreign media...

SP: That's beyond our control. I would not lose sleep over the coverage of the President with the foreign media. Iba po ang kanilang standards doon. Iba ang kultura nila. I don't know what the editor of that particular paper jump to a hasty conclusion na serial killer ang Presidente. What is his evidence?

Q: So 'yung psychopath, serial killer, walang evidence kahit doon sa mga sunod-sunod na...

SP: I will defend the person's freedom of speech, 'yung kay Agot Isidro. She has that right pero for a French newspaper to label our President as a serial killer, ang tanong ko ay what's their basis? May pinapapunta ba silang investigative reporter dito? Nag-investigate ba sila or nakuha lang nila sa internet?

Q: So 'yung mga reported killings cannot be attributed to the President? It's not his actual doing?

SP: Yes, actually 'yan na nga ang issue. There's Resolution No. 9 here in the Senate to investigate who may be responsible for these unexplained killings. Inunahan na tayo ng isang French newspaper. I don't know why they are more knowledgeable about happenings in the Philippines than Filipinos themselves. Maybe they needed to sell some issues.

Q: Sir, would you suggest na kumuha na ng PR firm na mag-alaga ng image ni Pangulo internationally, parang 'yung kay GMA noong araw?

SP: Ewan ko. Ako kasi hindi sanay sa PR kaya I don't know kung si Presidente ganoon din. I don't think sanay din siya sa mga ganyan. It's addressed to his good judgment. Why should we be too concerned about what they write about us abroad?

On the lookout bulletin on Senator De Lima

Q: 'Yung sa lookout bulletin kay Senator De Lima, paano kung lalabas siya?

SP: Ang lookout bulletin is just a reporting system. If a person leaves or tries to leave, it's reported to a central database, 'yun lang. Ganoon lang ang meaning noon.

Q: So sapat lang 'yung kayo lang mag-approve? Ngayon, kailangan niya magpaalam sa government?

SP: Sa Senado nagbago na po ng rule, kapag may private trip ang senador, hindi na siya kailangan magpaalam. Kapag official trip, magpaalam siya kasi dapat alam ng Senado na dala ang pangalan ng Senado.

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