Press Release
September 20, 2016

Statement of Senator Nancy Binay on her vote on the motion to declare vacant all posts in the Senate Committee on Justice

I voted in favor of the motion to declare vacant the chairmanship and membership of the Senate Committee on Justice on the grounds of personal principle and in pursuit of truth and objectivity.

First, we are all in agreement that the hearings on extra judicial killings will be continued. The newly appointed members of the Committee on Justice promised that the succeeding hearings will focus on the issue of human rights violations and not on the personalities behind the hearings.

I believe that what happened in these past few days is an affront to our august institution. Let us not make these hearings a venue to vent out our personal pains, biases or agenda.

At pangalawa po, bilang mga kinatawan sa Senado, nawa'y magtulungan tayong iangat ang kalidad ng diskurso at maging maingat sa ating mga aksyon at pananalita. Panahon na na ating iwasto ang anumang mga pagkakamali at pagkiling upang huwag malihis ang ating paghahanap ng katotohanan.

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