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September 13, 2016

Bam on alleged impeachment plot vs President Duterte
Transcript of media interview

Firstly, there's no such plot. I think a number of us said that already.

Para sa akin, the leader of our party is a member of his Cabinet. So it's something I think that they'll probably have to talk about.

Q: Magkakaroon ba sila ng private conversation about it?

Sen. Bam: You can ask the VP but alam ko, she'll try to clarify things with him tomorrow.

Nagulat din ako when he said that, obviously we're here, we're supportive of Sen. Pimentel and we're supportive of the reforms that his departments are trying to push.

So, clearly for me there's really no plot. I don't know where he got his information but more importantly, again, the leader of our party is a member of his Cabinet.

Maganda siguro mapag-usapan din nila iyan bukas.

Q: Wala kayong alam na any member who is planning to file any impeachment complaint?

Sen. Bam: No. Not at all. We never even talked about it. We were all kind of surprised when he said that statement so I think there really needs to be a clearing of the air with him.

Kailangang klaruhin talaga sa kanya and if there's any misinformation that he's been getting, dapat maging malinaw iyon. I think it's good kasi pag-uusapan nila ni Vice President Leni.

Q: Ano ang posisyon ngayon sa LP ni VP Leni?

Sen. Bam: We're undergoing some transitions but usually kasi after elections, there's a new set of officials. That doesn't happened yet but as the highest member in our party, she's the leader of our party.

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