Press Release
September 12, 2016

Hontiveros speaks on harm reduction as strategy against PH drug problem

"Upang maging matagumpay ang ating kampanya laban sa ilegal na droga at drug trafficking, importante na pag-aralan natin ang iba't-ibang modelo na nagtagumpay, at yung mga nabigo. The problem of illegal drugs is a multi-faceted issue. Thus, the need to address it through a broad lens, particularly through a public health framework

This war on drugs should not be a war against people. Or worse, a war against the poor. With a death toll so far of at least 2,000, this so-called war cannot continue as it is.

Harm reduction strategy lessens the demand for illegal drugs. If there is a strong demand, supply will always find a way. In a public health framework, we can win the war on drugs by reducing its demand, ensuring that those who need help will get the help that they need, and at the same time educating our population on the dire costs of addiction.

Ladies and gentlemen, future medical professionals, let me end by saying that you will soon be taking your Hippocratic Oath. In its modern version, you will utter the words "First do no harm". This oath is poetic and at the same time revolutionary.

Today, I ask you to fast track on that oath. We need more health advocates like you to speak out against the harm brought about by a limited war on drugs. Health professionals and public health advocates like you know that there are broader, even more efficient, tried, and tested ways to solve the problem of drug addiction. Solutions that railroad human rights are not solutions at all. Solutions should unite us, not divide us".

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