Press Release
September 8, 2016

Transcript of Interview of Senate President
Pro-Tempore Franklin M. Drilon

Q: Are you aware na he (Sen. Gordon) will be filing a bill to suspend the writ (of habeas corpus)

Drilon: I am not aware. If what is filed, I don't think there is any basis for that. Under the Constitution, only in cases of rebellion or invasion and when public safety requires it can the privilege of writ of habeas corpus be suspended. In other words, it's the same grounds that should be relied upon in case of declaration of martial law. Pareho lang po iyon, martial law or suspension of write of habeas corpus must be anchored on the same grounds.

Q: It means sa komite n'yo pa lang, it will die a natural death?

Drilon: Depending on he crafts his resolution.

Q: Not necessarily sa inyo?

Drilon: Not necessarily.

Q: Hindi nyo i-hear Sir?

Drilon: I don't even know if it will go in my committee. How can I answer that?

Q: According to Sen. Gordon, sa inyo raw po ma-refer?

Q: Basta yung grounds na yun ay not present, Sir?

Drilon: Yes, that's correct.

Q: Procedural, tama ba na dapat mauna muna yung declaration of martial law bago yung sa Kongreso?

Drilon: I have to double check. I cannot answer that because sa martial law ay mayroong confirmation.

Q: Is there room to correct?

Drilon: The Senate works as an institution. There are the committees and floor deliberations...

Q: Ano yung effect non?

Drilon: Huhulihin kita ngayon, warrantless arrest.

Q: Ang sabi ni Sen. Gordon, mas mabuti raw unahan ng Kongreso si Pang. Duterte so the Congress can set the limits.

Drilon: There is no ground to suspend the privilege of the writ habeas corpus. The grounds are very limited under the Constitution.

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