Press Release
September 5, 2016

Press Statement of Senator Juan Miguel F. Zubiri

This representation strongly denounces the recent Davao Bombing that claimed 15 innocent lives and injured more than 60 people. I urge the public to steer clear of unwanted rumors and to stay highly alert but calm.

I support the President's declaration of "State of lawless violence" made in the aftermath of the terror attack. Though the said declaration sparked concerns that soon our country is veering toward military rule, the Chief Executive himself denied that it was Martial Law and assured that it does not involve the suspension of the Writ of Habeas Corpus.

State of lawless violence merely calls out the military or the Armed Forces of the Philippines to do law enforcement operations normally done only by the Philippine National Police. It is precisely for the purpose of suppressing lawless violence. It is to complement and supplement the capability of the PNP.

We have nothing to be afraid of much more doubt the intent of the President. The declaration does not entail the suspension of any rights under the Constitution or set the stage for martial law. The three branches of our government is still functional, both houses of the Congress is working.

We have to take note that former President Joseph Estrada declared State of lawlessness when he directed the AFP and PNP chiefs to coordinate with each other in the deployment of Marines for temporary period in Metro Manila, and the Supreme Court upheld the same. Former President Arroyo similarly declared lawlessness in 2003 after the bombing of Sasa Wharf and airport in Davao City

It is my position that now is the best time to support the President to curtail lawlessness and suppress its spread throughout the nation.

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