Press Release
September 5, 2016

Transcript of Ambush Interview

On the Declaration of the State of Lawless Violence

SP: The proclamation of the state of lawless violence is one of the powers given by the Constitution to the president as the commander-in-chief. Meaning to say, yung ganoong klaseng proklamasyon is actually directed to the Armed Forces of the Philippines that their commander-in-chief is going to tap them, their services, facilities, energy, time, in order to prevent or suppress lawless violence. Iyon po ang nakasulat sa ating Konstitusyon.

Q: May mga nagsasabi na this will lead to Martial Law. Malayo ba yon?

SP Pimentel: Declaration of the Martial Law is another power of the president pero hindi naman po yan ang kanyang in-exercise. Ang in-exercise po niya is the declaration of state of lawless violence directed at the Armed Forces meaning to say he will be tapping them to prevent or suppress what he perceives as lawless violence. So, tandaan po natin, even sa pinakadulo, pinaka-extreme na declaration ng Martial Law, sa ilalim ng ating Constitution, the Constitution is not suspended, andoon po ang Bill of Rights natin sa Constitution, civil courts should continue to function. Yun na po sa atin ang pinaka-extreme. It's actually just a call, an order from the President na ang military ay tulungan an gating kapulisan in law enforcement.

Q: Sir, given the situation, do you think it was necessary?

SP: Judgment call na po yon ng Presidente. That is one of his powers. He exercises it, we are not to question it unless some believe it's unconstitutional, they go to court. Politically speaking, that is his power. Kung paano po natin siya matulungan, tulungan na lang po natin siya.

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