Press Release
September 2, 2016


Power consumers who want to economize on their electricity usage would be better off using prepaid power cards. This according to Senator Richard J. Gordon.

During the hearing of the Senate Committee on Energy, Gordon said using prepaid power cards enables consumers to regulate their electricity usage since they could choose the amount that they would load.

"Automatic economizing is enforced when consumers buy prepaid cards that would help them. They would be able to save wisely. For example, sa building P30,000 ang budget mo sa isang floor. Pag lumagpas ka at maputulan ka, may mananagot sa floor na yun," he said.

The senator said utility provider Manila Electric Company (Meralco) should ensure that there is sufficient supply of prepaid power cards for all consumers who would avail of the service, adding that it should protect its consumers.

"Akala ko ba you need to protect the consumer? If the consumer wants to economize and economize and help the country spend less dollars on oil and coal that are being imported for power plants cards, why should we prevent them from buying whole-sale cards that could be linked to the quantity pf coal required for power plants importation? I would encourage that (the use of prepaid cards). I would, let's say, legislate for companies that want to buy prepaid cards," he said.

In 2015, the Energy Regulatory Commission has approved Meralco's prepaid electricity program, "Kuryente Load" service which allows residents to have an electricity meter installed in their home without paying a service deposit.

Customers just need to "load up" anytime, at least P100, to get electricity supplied to their residence or place of business.

Subscribers get a notification in their mobile phone every day that updates them about their power consumption and load balance. Once they have consumed their load, their power will automatically get cut. But it will resume in just five minutes, if they load up again at a store that offers Kuryente Load services.

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