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September 1, 2016

Transcript of Ambush Interview at 6th Philippine Solar Summit and Exhibition 2016

On the bill on the postponement of the SK and barangay elections

SP Pimentel: We were not able to finalize the bill postponing the barangay elections. Not yet, but we are confident that by Monday we will finish the process, and then add three more days for the third reading, so we are confident that within the first week of September or the first ten days of September we would have the bill passed in the Senate.

On objections to the postponement of the barangay and SK elections

SPKP: Well we will take into account the observations of those who are objecting to the postponement. But the question here is wisdom na yan eh, it is a question of wisdom because the Constitution says that the term of office of barangay officials is determined by law. That means that Congress can change the law.

Q: May nagsasabi po na dapat nang tuluyang alisin ang barangay elections dahit doble lang ang barangay sa functions ng local government.

SPKP: Hindi naman po. Tandaan niyo po na hindi po ito abolition. Kaklaruhin ko po, hindi po ito abolition. Ang proposal po ay deferment of the elections for a period of one year. So huwag po mag-alala.

Mayroong pong nagpropose kasi na abolition, but what the Senate is tackling is not abolition, because kahit ako po, I am not for the abolition of the barangay, I am not for the abolition of the SK. I am for reforming the system, making it more cost-effective, making it more relevant, making it more representative and making it more inclusive.

Q: Kapag natapos na ang Senate at ang House, diretso na po ba sa bicam?

SPKP: It depends on the version of the House. But I believe the House is monitoring the progress of the bill in the Senate, and since they have not started their hearings, I think they can start from the version of the Senate. So that would simplify and shorten the process.

Q: Aabot pa po ba kaya ang proposed bill before the election?

SPKP: Aabot pa po. End of October pa po yung scheduled elections. Aabot pa.

On the international coverage of the ongoing war against drugs

SPKP: Tandaan niyo po na we do not control the international community. For as long as we have a clear conscience, what are we worried about? What we are doing is law enforcement. Sa mata po ng publiko at sa mata ng administration, this is law enforcement because we have very anti-illegal drugs laws. We have to enforce these to promote respect to the law.

Wag na po tayo masyadong mabahala sa coverage ng international community kasi hindi po natin iyon kontrolado. What is important is that we know what we are doing, and that what we are doing is in accordance with our own laws.

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