Press Release
August 30, 2016

Transcript of Ambush Interview at 'Conference on the Prospects for Nuclear Power in the Asia Pacific Region'

Q: Hindi po ba bawal ang nuclear power sa ilalim ng batas?

SP Pimentel: No, what the Constitution prohibits are nuclear weapons. This conference is about the civilian use, or the peaceful use of nuclear power in the form of nuclear energy producing power like electricity.

Wala po tayong problema diyan. But because of the huge expenditure involved, plus the controversial nature of the decision, I believe that we need a law to be in place before we can pursue nuclearization of our energy sector.

Q: Bakit daw po tahimik kayo sa issue ni Sen. De Lima?

SPKP: Hindi naman ako tahimik actually, I am just respectful. I know that the chairmanships have been distributed. I know that the chairman, or the chairperson calls the shots with his or her committee, so respeto lang po.

But of course, we will have to look at what is best for the Senate, meaning we should have a productive Senate, we should not have a distracted Senate. I will talk with my fellow senators to find out if the Senate - and the senators- are already being affected by this word war between the senator and the President.

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