Press Release
August 29, 2016


I laud Malacañang's resolve to push for the full implementation of the FOI Executive Order with the publication of the exceptions drafted by the Department of Justice and the OSG. While most of the draft exceptions are identical with those contained in my current version of the FOI bill that passed the Senate last 16th Congress and which are based on well-settled constitutional principles, law and jurisprudence, I wish Malacanang would reconsider removing the restrictive rules regarding the release of SALNs of Executive Officials. It would serve the spirit of transparency better if the SALNs of the officials will be posted on their agency's website for ready access by the public, with only the sensitive personal details redacted to protect privacy. This restrictive guideline on SALNs appears contrary to the intent of R.A. 6713, not to mention its being inconsistent with the President's public pronouncement and intent to push for the relaxation of the Bank Secrecy Law concerning public officials.

I also raise concerns on exempting the release of details surrounding congressional funds disbursements which are patently public documents and of paramount public concern.

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