Press Release
August 15, 2016

Transcript of Interview with Senate President Pro-Tempore Franklin M. Drilon

Q: Sir, wala raw budget for Cha-cha (Charter change)?

Drilon: That is consistent with their position na Con-ass (Constitutional Assembly). I'm not surprised.

Q: Pero di po ba pinu-push n'yi yung Con-con?

Drilon: Pinu-push ko yung Constitutional Convention. Tingnan natin kung ano ang mangyayari.

Q: Walang diperensiya sakaling magka-Con-con na walang budget?

Drilon: Technically, the President has no participation in a change of a Constituion, except as a political leader, because Constitution is amendment either by Con-ass or Con-con, which the manner of amending or revising the Constitution is through a Con-ass or Con-con. So, technically - and I underscore "technically" - because the matter of changing the Constitution is an act of Congress. A resolution for a Con-con or a Con-ass does not need the President's approval. And once the resolution is approved, it is submitted directly to the people for approval. The reality, however, the President, as a political leader, would have an influence on the manner. Number two, his power over the budget would enable the President to influence or dictate practically the manner in which the Constitution should be amended. Because kahit sabihin ng Congress ay Con-con, pero ang sabi ninyo nga ay wala sa budget, so paano po tayo maghahalal ng delegado? So the reality is, assuming that Congress would pass a Con-con, then we have to negotiate with the executive on the budget. Ganoon po ang mangyayari. The non-inclusion of the budget for a Con-con is understandable because the preference of the executive is Con-ass.

Q: So, kayo po ang mag-initiate ng inclusion?

Drilon: No. first, I have scheduled the hearings. Let's see what will come out in the hearings - what mode should be used.

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