Press Release
August 6, 2016

"You have fined a bank, now find the rest of the money"

Banking authorities have fined RCBC a billion pesos. But their work is not done yet. They should find the unaccounted billions and return it to Bangladesh.

A high-level delegation from that country will arrive next month to press for the return of what is theirs. They should not leave our country without it.

In fact, they should not be made to beg for their money. It would even be wise if we could return the money before they arrive here. In this case, apologies must come with cash.

To prevent a repeat of that regretful incident, our banking authorities should recommend remedial legislation, and for Congress to immediately act on it.

They should also inform Congress and the public of the administrative measures they have instituted to prevent our banks from becoming washing machines of dirty money.

I commend RCBC for not challenging the sanctions imposed, and for paying the fine, which in this litigious society it could have easily done, but in a display of good corporate citizenship it decided to comply with.

Let me also put it on record that the imposition of this unprecedented penalty would not have been possible without the relentless investigation conducted by Senators Guingona and Osmena.

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