Press Release
August 1, 2016

Congress has sole power to determine mode of amending Constitution, says Drilon

The Congress has the sole authority to decide on the mode of amending the Constitution, Senate President Pro-Tempore Franklin M. Drilon stressed today.

"The mode of amending the Constitution, whether by Constitutional (Con-Ass) Assembly or Constitutional Convention (Con-Con), is the sole prerogative of Congress," Drilon underscored.

Drilon explained that unlike ordinary bills, a resolution calling for a review of the Constitution is not subject to the approval of the President.

"A resolution calling for a Con-con or Con-Ass does not need the approval of, and cannot be vetoed by, the President," Drilon said.

He said that it is the Filipino people who will ultimately decide whether or not they will ratify the amendments to the Constitution.

"The amendments to the Constitution itself are not approved, and cannot be vetoed, by the President, but is submitted directly to the people for approval or rejection in a plebiscite," Drilon emphasized.

Drilon said Congress should debate on the best mode to amend the Constitution, taking into consideration the views of all stakeholders, the President, and Constitutional and legal experts.

Drilon is the author of Resolution of Both Houses No. 1 at the Senate calling for a constitutional convention to review the 1987 Constitution.

He is the chairman of Senate committee on constitutional amendments and revision of codes and laws that will hear all measures calling for the amendment of the Constitution.

As its chairman, Drilon vowed to give the resolution to amend the Constitution "the highest the priority."

He said the committee will take it up as soon as the organization of the Senate is finalized and completed.

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