Press Release
July 31, 2016

Trillanes bats for pay hike for teachers, soldiers, police

In light of the recent pronouncement of President Rodrigo Duterte on increasing the salary of teachers, military and police personnel, Senator Antonio "Sonny" IV pushes for the passage of Senate Bill No. (SBN) 90, or the Salary Standardization IV.

Trillanes said, "Consistent with the promise made by President Duterte, SBN 90 includes teachers, military and police personnel in the proposed increase, and would at least double their salary."

The improved salary scale provides the lowest government rank, Salary Grade 1, with a base pay of Php18,956 from the present rate of Php9,478; and cabinet secretaries with a base pay of about Php585,430 from the present rate of Php117,086. For military and police personnel, Private/Police Officer 1 will receive Php35,460 from their present salary of Php14,834; and General/Director General will receive Php481,770 from their present salary of Php67,500.

According to Trillanes, passing the measure would also be a major step in the government's anti-corruption campaign; and would enable the government to attract, retain, and maintain a corps of competent government workers including teachers, military and policemen.

"With this proposed competitive compensation package, our public servants will be dissuaded from resorting to unscrupulous activities in order to augment their meager income, and, instead, be encouraged to become efficient and effective public servants," Trillanes further explained of the bill's anti-corruption component.

Trillanes also challenged Duterte to fulfill his promise, "The President has promised to increase the salary of teachers, military and police personnel; thus, I filed this measure which would serve as an instrument to fulfill it."

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