Press Release
July 31, 2016

Don't pull trigger, push reboot button - Recto urges gov't, Reds

I urge the NDF and the government not to pull the trigger, but to push the reboot button. In the search for peace, deadlines should be extended, or it results in more dead bodies.

It is the NDF's turn to take the high ground by declaring their own unilateral ceasefire. Then they should give the government a period longer than what was given them to respond with their own.

If the NDF declares, I believe government will have no choice but to respond positively. Peace has always been an irresistible proposition.

Under the new administration, the prospect of peace has been off to an auspicious start. Why waste the initial goodwill earned? Let us continue with confidence-building measures necessary for agreements to mature.

Isa pa, may parating na bagyo. Pwede bang mag-typhoon truce muna?

On another note, let not the heat of the propaganda war derail the peace talks. Parties can trade barbs in Twitter for as long as combatants do not exchange fire on the ground. Pwedeng magpalitan ng mura, huwag lang bala.

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