Press Release
July 29, 2016

Drilon vows to prioritize review of Constitution

Senate President Pro-Tempore Franklin M. Drilon on Friday assured that his committee will give the highest priority to the proposed measure that will amend the 1987 Constitution.

"The proposed review of the 29-year old Constitution will be the 'top priority' of the Senate committee on constitutional amendments and revision of codes and laws which I chair," Drilon said.

"We will take up all the proposed measures and resolutions calling for the review of the Constitution as soon as the organization of the Senate is finalized and completed," Drilon assured.

Drilon considers the revision of the Constitution "a delicate task" that needs the active involvement of all stakeholders.

"We will hear from all stakeholders and experts to discuss the best mode of amending our Constitution. The committee will do its best to come up with the most appropriate and beneficial strategy," Drilon said.

"But what is more important is that the mode that we will apply will be 'acceptable' to all the Filipinos, to whom the amendments will be submitted for ratification," Drilon said.

He also said that the committee "will take into consideration the preference of the President in drafting its recommendations."

Drilon is the author of Resolution of Both Houses No. 1 at the Senate calling for a constitutional convention to review the 1987 Constitution.

Resolution of Both Houses No. 1 calls for a convention, whose members shall be elected by January of next year, to propose amendments to, or revision of, the 29-year-old Constitution.

The resolution disqualifies members of the Congress at the time of the adoption of the resolution to become a candidate for election as Delegate to the Convention.

It also prohibits candidates in the May 2016 elections to qualify as a candidate for election as Delegate to the Convention.

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