Press Release
July 28, 2016

After NSC meet, "crowdsourcing Digong" should
convene LEDAC next - Recto

By inviting past presidents and members of the minority, President Digong proves that he is a practitioner of "inclusive politics."

I can sense that he likes to crowdsource ideas.

Judging by how he appreciated the views shared by the attendees yesterday, we can expect more groups to be convened as his sounding boards.

One of which, I am sure, is the Legislative-Executive Development Advisory Council (LEDAC) which was mothballed in the past 6 years. He can revive this as a productive forum to discuss policy.

I have been asked to describe his style of running high-level meetings. He can be focused one moment and funny the next. It is both educational and entertaining. This guy's thought process is good. He knows when to summarize points and where to shepherd the discussion.

To break the monotony of long meetings, yesterday was almost five hours long, he has this comedian's gift of timing on when to crack jokes.

He gave great inputs, and with his humor, in-house entertainment as well.

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