Press Release
July 27, 2016

Senator JV Ejercito Remains Chairman of Housing Committee;
Commends President Duterte on Making Housing a Priority

Senator JV Ejercito is happy to remain as the Chairman of the Committee on Urban Planning, Housing and Resettlement in the 17th Congress and vowed to fully support President Duterte's "walang demolisyon, kung walang relokasyon" agenda.

The senator said, "I am elated to carry on my duties as the Chairman of the Committee on Urban Planning, Housing and Resettlement. This will give me an opportunity to continue my advocacy for every Filipino's right to affordable, safe, decent and resilient housing and shelter."

During the 16th Congress, among Senator Ejercito's accomplishments was the passage of RA 10884 or The Balanced Housing Development Program Amendments which he authored. The new law mandates condominium developers to allot a portion of their projects to socialized housing.

Senator Ejercito expressed his admiration for President Duterte's call for a "no demolition without relocation" policy during his State of the Nation's Address last Monday. He said, "I fully support President Duterte on his commitment not to displace informal settlers through demolitions without adequate relocation plans. This is something I hope we can resolve through my proposed In-City Housing Resettlement Program Bill where informal settler families (ISFs) can be relocated within the city and there would be no need for off-site relocation where there is no employment and basic services."

Senator Ejercito who is also pushing for the creation of full-fledged Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development, authored Senate Bill No. 331 or the In-City Housing Resettlement Program Bill that seeks to amend RA 7279 or the Urban Development and Housing Act to guarantee sustainability and viability of resettlement projects for informal settler families (ISFs), to be led by local government units, assuring access to their employment and empower them by making them active partners in government's resettlement program.

He said, "The key is to come up with a more pragmatic plan to start addressing the housing needs of the country. We can start harmonizing housing policies and programs among all the key shelter agencies and encourage Local Government Units to become active participants in the delivery of our people's basic right to adequate and resilient housing."

"With the commitment of President Duterte to prioritize housing and VP Robredo's support to lead our housing agenda for the marginalized, and even for the low and middle income families, I am sure we will be able to come up with a housing strategy and program that will not only address the housing needs but one that will also boost the economy through proper government spending in infrastructure development, encourage private investment and multiply job creation," added Ejercito.

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