Press Release
July 25, 2016

With Mindanaoans as heads of Congress

With the election of Mindanaoans as leaders of Congress, Senator Nancy Binay expressed certainty that the island's concerns will be given focus and priority, especially the peace process.

"I am certain that the interests and concerns of Mindanao will now be given focus and priority, especially the peace process," Binay said in a statement after the election of Senator Aquilino Pimentel III as Senate President and Congressman Pantaleon Alvarez as Speaker of the House of Representatives.

The lady senator also expressed happiness in their election, saying that Mindanaoans are now represented in the highest levels of governance.

"I am happy that Mindanao is now fully represented in the highest level of leadership in our country today, from Malacanang to the Congress, having Senator Aquilino Pimentel III and Congressman Pantaleon Alvarez as Senate President and Speaker of the House of Representatives, respectively." Binay said.

The lady senator added that she is confident that the three Mindanaoans will steer the country to economic stability and push for genuine change for the sake of peace.

"Simbolo ang tatlo ng pag-asa na matagal nang minimithi at inaasam ng mga Mindanaoan," Binay said.

She added that she will support Sen. Pimentel as Senate President.

"Sen. Pimentel can be assured that he has my support and I will work towards the fulfilment of our President's legislative agenda." Binay said.

Binay added that she expects that the administration will focus on passing more inclusive policies that will give comfort to majority of Filipinos, such as exempting those earning P30,000 and below from income taxes.

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