Press Release
July 24, 2016

President must unveil expanded "kill list" in SONA

Like any maiden SONA, I expect it to be more of a "looking forward" than a "looking back" speech, more of what to do and not on what has been done.

So this SONA is about Setting the National Agenda, and Stating the Nation's Aspirations.

It is fair to say that what the people expect to hear is the common purpose, the national marching orders.

It is taking stock of where we are, identifying where we should go, how to go there, without sugarcoating how hard the journey will be.

On this, I am confident that the President will able to set a relatable grand vision, one the people would willingly invest in if the guaranteed yield is a better future for their children.

No SONA can ever encompass all the nation's problems. But it can embrace all of our strengths and will put to rest any doubt on our ability to solve them.

Tomorrow's SONA presents a great opportunity for the President to expand his kill list, against the greater enemies that must be defeated like poverty, joblessness, poor public services like our clogged roads and crowded hospitals.

It will the best time to unveil his battle plan on how to slay unemployment, exterminate poverty, end economic want, whose success will be measured in lives improved and not in lives ended.

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