Press Release
July 19, 2016

Transcript of Ambush Interview of Senate President Franklin M. Drilon

Q: Sir, yung previous agreement na in-adopt ng previous administration, pwedeng huwag i-honor ng incumbent?

SPFMD: The President is the architect of our foreign policy, he is the principal actor insofar as the foreign policy is concerned. The role of the Senate is treaty ratification. If President Duterte, as a matter of policy, has decided that we will not ratify the agreement, then that is a prerogative that he has as chief executive. If he does not sent to the Senate the treaty for ratification, then it is not binding on our country. That is a policy that his administration has adopted. Now, six years from now the new president may adopt another policy and send it to the Senate for concurrence in the ratification. Then it becomes part of the law of the land. But as of today, the President has decided that we not ratify the treaty and the Senate has not opportunity to concur in the ratification. The case is similar tof the EDCA, for different reason though. Then President Aquino took the position that EDCA is not a treaty that requires Senate concurrent and he did not send it to the Senate. The Supreme Court sustained the President and said that it is indeed not a treaty that requires the concurrence by the Senate in order to make it effective. Similarly in this case, President Duterte has said that it is not consistent with his national policy that the public would concur in the treaty. That is where we are today. That is the policy of the Duterte administration. That is valid considering...during his administration, there will be no ratification of the treaty. The Senate will not be called upon to concur in the ratification.

Q: What message do you think it sends na tayo yung palagi yung victims ng calamity?

SPFMD: I would rather leave that to the Office of the President.

Q: Is it unfortunate?

SPFMD: As I've said, we respect the position of the President. He is the architect of our foreign policy.

Q: Doon naman sa meeting ni President with Mr. Lim, do you thinks that's appropriate?

SPFMD: I would comment on that at this stage. As you know, the Senate is about to launch an investigation on the human rights issues.

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